The DVDM Media family of companies is dedicated to the preservation of all media formats, including 8mm and Super8 film, all videotape formats, 35mm slides, audio cassettes and audio reels, photographs, and 16mm film.  Whether these media are simply migrated to the DVD format, or assembled and edited into a specialized production, DVDM Media strives to provide the best customer service experience possible.  Over the internet, in our local stores, or through our retail partners, DVDM Media preserves your memories for generations to come.


The DVDM Media Companies: is the nation's largest provider of Super 8 and 8mm transfers to DVD and digital. The 8mm and Super 8 formats were widely used to capture memories from the 1930's through the 1980's, and we can protect those moments by converting them to a longer-lasting format. We invite you to browse visit and see how Just8mm can serve you!  Founded in 2002 in Longview, Texas, we have transferred over 43 million feet and over 30,000 orders of 8mm film to DVD.  We have been awarded seven Gold Star Awards by the Better Business Bureau and are Accredited A+, the highest rating given for a film to DVD transfer company.  We offer prices which are simple to understand, all-inclusive, and among the lowest in the industry, starting at just $8.29 per reel.  Using patented equipment, we are able to transfer 8mm to DVD with impeccable quality, resulting in a very high resolution picture which is free of flicker, hotspots, and halos, and it is evenly lit and focused. archives all of your 8mm to DVD transfer footage at no extra charge, and this provides an extra layer of protection in case you lose or break your DVD, or just want additional copies later. You’ll have extra security and peace of mind, as you know your precious memories will be protected and preserved when you choose for your 8mm film transfers.  We have a quick and efficient turnaround time of about 6 business days from the time we receive a order until we ship it back out. represents the best combination of value, quality and service available for 8mm to DVD transfers.



With retail locations in Tyler, Texas and Longview, Texas, DVD Memories provides media transfer, video production, and DVD duplication services to our East Texas customers.  In addition to providing 8mm and Super8 film transfers to DVD, 16mm film transfers to DVD, videotape transfers to DVD, slide transfers to DVD, and audio cassette and audio reel transfers to CD, DVD Memories also produces memory videos on DVD for special occasions.  DVD Memories can handle DVD duplication and replication orders from 2 to 20,000 discs.  Store hours are 9 am to 6 pm Monday through Friday.  The Longview phone number is (903) 297-2323, and the Tyler phone number is (903) 509-8383. was founded in 2002 to provide a broader range of media transfer services throughout the U.S., with most of our business coming from New York, California, Florida and Texas.  We offer 8mm to DVD film transfers, along with slide transfers and videotape transfers.  Our process is high quality, and our prices are among the lowest in the industry.  8mm to DVD transfers start at $8.29 per reel, and include backup archiving and a quick turnaround time of about 6 business days from the time we receive your order until it is shipped out.  We are a fully accredited BBB member with an A+ rating.  Trust for your videotape and slide transfers, and for transferring 8mm to DVD.